Frozen All Over

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So, after the first ice seen on the lake on Wednesday, this morning we awoke to find the entire lake frozen over, not just immediately behind the house but also right round behind the cottages as well.

Frozen Lake
I suppose, as we approach the first winter here, the question is will we get worse as the new year comes round. I guess I should be curious and take a wander round the grounds to see what is going on but, given the gloom and the cold I never summoned up the enthusiasm for it.

I know I should go. Already, I've already forgotten, several times, to take my camera with me to photograph the fallen tree on the island. It's a birch, close to the water's edge at the far end of the island. You can see it quite clearly on second photograph I took on the very first day of ownership of Ruston House. There are two similar trees on the end of the island closest to the camera. The tree on the left, behind a low rhododendron bush still stands. I didn't realise it at the time, but the one on the right was dead. It took a storm a few weeks ago to fell it. The six inch diameter trunk snapped off a foot or so above the ground.

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I now have a comment added to the post Another Walk Around the Grounds that adds a photograph of the fallen tree on the island.

Greg Chapman
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