Oiling Eggs

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
Last Year there was talk of A Cull of the Geese. Instead the eggs were oiled, which means the eggs don't hatch.

With news that a goose nest was on the small island, the Cottage Owners called in their man to do the job. This year I could offer my boat, though I hadn't yet got any oars to go with it. And so it was that Clive arrived with something to use as a paddle and with a couple of cottage owners acting as helpers and observers the job was done.

Oiling the Eggs
First, Clive paddled round to the Island alone.

Oiling the Eggs
Then, picking up one of the cottage owners, in case the boat floated away and left him stranded, the pair proceeded to land on the island. The oiling was accomplished with the news that there were nine eggs in the clutch - a much larger number than expected.

It had been decided that one egg would be left free of a coating of oil. It was felt that leaving the pair one gosling to raise would not add greatly to the droppings that often led to complaints but would also encourage the adult pair to stay and keep away other adult birds that might decide to attempt to join them.

Oiling the Eggs
After last years experience with the mother still Protecting the Nest after the hatching of the one egg I was surprised at how this bird evacuated the nest without any complaint as the boat first approached, and was to be found near to "Daddy Goose" by the cottages while all this went on.

Oiling the Eggs
The whole process was over within 10 minutes and the mother bird was soon back on her nest. Let's hope it does the job of giving the parent birds a youngster to raise and holiday makers something to enjoy watching.