The Ducklings Visit Again

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
Back on 11 June, I reported seeing a family of ducklings and wondered if they were Resident or Visitors. Today I saw them again - at least I suppose it was the same family - as this time there were only three little ones following the mother.

Mother and Ducklings
It really is quite surprising how well camouflaged the colouring of their feathers make them. Often it is only movement that draws your eye. That is true even when they are in open water if they are surrounded by lilies and pond weed.

Mother and Ducklings
Their visibility is often dependent on the angle of the sun and whether the water around them is reflecting the reeds and on the bank or the sky and clouds.

Mother and Ducklings
As I haven't seen them in the last eleven days I have to conclude that the family are just visitors. In some ways I am relieved as it means that I haven't missed their nest.

The mother seemed to object to my interest in them and having walked down the path from the house to get pictures at different angles, she decided they would be better off round by the cottages and took them past the goose house where I lost track of them.