The Goose House Is Briefly Occupied

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
In truth the subject line of this post is a bit of an exaggeration. Apart from the issue of whether to call it a "Duck House" or a "Goose House", I never saw our resident goose go inside. But if sitting on the threshold counts as occupying the place then it certainly was for at least twenty minutes shortly before 14:00 today.

A Goose "in residence"
Later, I took another of my tours round the grounds, ending up taking a pair of photographs showing the view both behind and in front of the main island from the angle that holiday makers in the cottages would see it.

However, before I got there, on my clockwise tour I passed along the "New Path" that regular readers will know runs along the western boundary and managed to catch another grass snake just before it disappeared under the foliage.

Another Glimpse of a Snake
This one was found within a couple of feet of where I had my previous Snake Encounter that I managed (equally unsuccessfully) to photograph.

Unlike last time, where I delayed taking the photograph as I tried to identify the snake, this time I snapped as quick as I could, but I never did see the head, It was the movement of its mid-body that had attracted my attention and, as they always do, this one was sliding for cover at what I take to be its maximum rate.

View Behind The Island

View In Front Of The Island
Once the snake had passed from view I carried on walking and emerged into the communal area behind the cottages. I stopped to take a view of the island, where the small self-seeded Rhododendron bush is currently in full bloom. There's another at the opposite end of the island. However, that one is not right at the water's edge and has been rather swamped by reed and nettle so is not easily seen from the the "mainland" - I'm sure that's not the right term!

My last view catches the same Rhododendron bush but, this time, shows most of the southern terrace of cottages. At least, at this end of the lake the lilies are not completely taking over, as they seem to be to the rear of Ruston House.