View from the Goose House

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With the recent photo in mind showing the Goose on the Ramp of the "Duck House" - I still can't get used to the idea of calling it a Goose House - I thought it was time for a view from the goose's viewpoint.

Ruston House from the Duck House
At the beginning of May last year the reeds had not started to grow and it was then quite easy to walk to the tip of the island to where the Goose still guarded her Nest. This year spring seemed to start at least a fortnight earlier and nothing was cut back in the Autumn, so to be able to reach the duck house I began to mow an additional path on the island that led towards where the nest was last year. Once it was clear there was no nest this year, I cut further, ending right behind the duck house on the tip of the island.

The result is a photograph that shows just why, this year, there are so few photos of the duck house from the Ruston House. I blame not cutting the willow back as fiercely as normal in the autumn and the early spring in which the willow came to life almost a month ahead of last year!

Elsewhere around the grounds there's been a development that was completed a few days ago. The Summer house has been taken down.

Site of the Summerhouse
It seems it was once home the fishery's bailiff. When we moved in it was known to be gently rotting away underneath, as it had been laid directly on timber that was sinking into the peat. Then, in October, one of the storms ripped off a strip of felt off the roof and it became clear that the top was rotting too.

Ruston House from beyond the site of the Summerhouse
For the moment it means there is a subtlety different view of the house to be had. The decision has been made to replace the summerhouse . I'll report later, once the project is complete.